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Thank you for considering a donation to help us pay for the ongoing costs of an internet access, computers and cameras, that help us bring show you what is going on in our village, while most of the press ignores the blatant injustices and crimes that are being committed against us by the Israeli military.


Dezember 2011

the biggest important amazing news:
the replant palestine project has succeeded and reached more than the expected goal. we have achived 7931 Euro whcih equal : 1133 olive tree.

our goal was to collect 1100 olive tree by the end of 2012.
now we succeeded.
thanks to all my great friends.

soon more details on the replanting day event on the ground in Ni'lin village. i will post it soon.

In Ni'lin Demo Against the Apartheid wall 23.12.2011

the demonstration was met with brutal suppression from the israeli army by using live bullets and rubbers direct against the peaceful protesters.
one guy got shot with a rubber coated steel bullet in the back, and he was treated imedietly. other 6 activists were suffocated from inhaling the tear gas among them 2 fainted.
the demonstrators managed to Make a whole in the concrete wall.
the israeli occupation has built more concrete bases on the land of Ni'lin.

last night the village was raided by the army, they came to 2 houses of 2 different families, they didn't find them and they are now wanted.

Another Attempt To Silence Us – Night Raid In Ni’lin


November 2011

Saeed Amireh about Nonviolent Resistance in Ni'lin / Palestine. Lecture Tour in Europe (Nov 2011)


A Report of Ni'lin, Palestine, Nov. 2011

·         Part 1 - Introduction

·         Part 2 - Non-violent Resistance

·         Part 3 - Israel’s Brutal Answer

·         Part 4 - The Visions

·         Part 5 - How can we support?


- Peaceful Protest Against The Illegal Israeli colony Nili (15.06.2011, Saeed Amireh)

- Ni'lin Town Marks The Land Day/ 26.03.2011 /By: Saeed Amireh

Palestine: the theft of Ni’lin (Feb 2011)

Israel imprisoned my father for nonviolently resisting the occupation (Saeed Amireh, July 2010)


Friday in Ni'lin: Inside the Weekly Anti-Wall Protests(20.11.10, PNN)

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