Uniting people of all ages - our annual conference

panel on anual conference

One of the best ways to learn more about our fellowship is to attend our annual conference on Ascension Weekend.

Here you can experience what we are: a community of very different people united by our faith in the power of active nonviolence. The very special atmosphere of this meeting is due to the fact that there are people of all ages from the unborn in its mother's womb to men and womem in their seventies. By this old experiences can be shared and new experiences can be made.

a youth group speaken to the audience
Youth Group Lutherix für Zertifiix
names the winner of a tombola.

The conferences cocus on a theme, for example "the situation in Africa between doom and a new start" or "learning peace". After one or two keynote speakers we discuss aspects of the theme iin small groups or have various workshops. Besides we celebrate, dance and pray, talk about future plans and share last year's experiences.

If you would like to join us- international visitors are always welcome and there is always someone ready to translate.

Here you find more pictures and more information (in German).